Wednesday, May 20, 2009



The character in conversation which commonly passes for agreeable is made up of civility and falsehood.—Swift.

The art of being agreeable frequently miscarries through the ambition which accompanies it. Wit, learning, wisdom, — what can more effectually conduce to the profit and delight of society ? Yet I am sensible that a man may be too invariably wise, learned, or witty to be agreeable ;-and I take the reason of this to be, that pleasure cannot be bestowed by the simple and unmixed exertion of any one faculty or accomplishment.—Cumberland.

If you wish to appear agreeable in society you must consent to be taught many things which you know already.—Lavater.

We may say of agreeableness, as distinct from beauty, that it consists in a symmetry of which we know not the rules, and a secret conformity of the features to each other, and to the air and complexion of the person.—


Most arts require long study and application ; but the most useful art of all, that of pleasing, requires only the desire.—Chesterfield.

Nature has left every man a capacity of being agreeable, though not of shining in company ; and there are a hundred men sufficiently qualified tor both who, bv a very few faults, that they might correct in Imlf an hour, are not so much as tolerable.—ijwift,

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